Frustrated, need setup help

My SKY stopped reporting wind direction and velocity a while ago. I removed and reinstalled the batteries and did a reset. I followed the directions to reinstall the SKY but ran into more problems in that now, the Hub can’t be located. I unplugged and re plugged in the Hub and have a steady blue light but, apparently, the SKY doesn’t see it…and the SKY continues to show a blinking green light.

I’ve never had this unit work for longer than a month without any problems. The lightning strike feature is probably one of the most useless things I’ve ever seen because of all the false reports.

So far as I can tell my WeatherFlow looks nice and I like the concept, but in my experience it is unreliable and I’m sorry I bought it.

You could try customer support. They’re very good about sending out replacement hardware. But yes, I feel your pain.

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Sorry to hear that has been your experience. My setup has run flawlessly since the day I put the first batteries in it.

I put those batteries in it on October 28th 2017. Haven’t even gotten a low battery warning yet.
I do hope that you contacted support directly because your experience is not in any way typical.


Hello daffern1

sorry to see you’re having so much problems. At this moment all seems down from server view. Maybe try to proceed in steps knowing the first thing that needs to work correctly is the hub. Once the hub communicates with the server we can start again with the different airs and sky.
Let me know when you got that running or are trying and If I’m around we’ll try to go over each part.

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The reason you don’t see it is because I got so ticked off I disconnected the system. The Hub and Sky are de-powered and sitting on a shelf in the garage.

That’s definitely going to lower your uptime.


Eric, Sorry for the sort of snarky reply. Thank you for offering to help. I got the Hub and Sky reconnected. Now I’m just waiting to see if the wind readout shows anything if we have any wind today. Cheers

don’t worry, it is frustrating when things don’t want to work as expected. Let me see if I can catch something under the hood.

All you Air and Sky are reporting normal to the hub and it gets to the server. Both Air’s show lightning disturber -> the detector feels it gets to many unusual signals and is filtering (or at least best it can). This doesn’t mean false detections can’t occur. But later a bit more on that.

Sky is telling hardly anything wind wise and that is weird. Looked at a few nearby stations and indeed the wind is low but not nil. Still sensor doesn’t show failed right now. Went a bit back in time and according me your sky reported normal till feb 10th early morning and from there on it is showing nil or gaps (most probably sensor failed).

I propose we both keep an eye on your station for the week end and on Monday I’ll ask extra insight form the devs that have some more details I have. Maybe in that period we can catch a failed wind sensor on the status page …

Regarding lightning : think it is the hardest part to explain … and a very tricky thing. The device used in the air is basically a nice chip doing a fine job. But like so many things that detect like 30 miles away … imagine how many electric, electronic devices you have in such a radius that can trigger via a switch making a little arc, bad regulated motor, even all the electronics in your house can easily send it in disturb mode. Transformers, cheap led lights, a plasma tv etc … if you want to explore some and if you still have a little am radio, tune it somewhere on a free frequency and walk around the house. You’ll discover many many things spamming, mostly it lowers quickly when you go a meter or so away but still … the chip does hear all that and has to find the typical ‘tick’ from a lightning 20 miles away … more sophisticated detectors are really hard to use as they can ‘hear’ like 5000 miles … it has to be set in an as qit as possible pace or it goes fully bust … I have 2 of them and it takes weeks to find the sweet spot.
For the air I can advice to turn it in steps of 90° and maybe with some luck you can get the noise to a lower level and reduce false positives.

And with al this typing your sky still didn’t detect a whisper :face_with_raised_eyebrow:


Eric, as always you’re awesome with your help. Thanks on behalf of Canadian weather geeks. :).



Can you please confirm your sky is outside and can catch wind please. It still shows no sensor failure but no wind neither. Trying to understand what could be going wrong

Hi Eric,

Yes, it’s outside and connected to the Hub. William Gridley at Customer Support is sending me a replacement Sky. FWIW, the wind readout on Weather Underground shows “unavailable”.




Glad to hear that this is getting sorted for you.

Thanks, Tony. I appreciate it.

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