Frozen Sky needed battery pulled

My Sky froze 2 days ago, and stopped reporting to the hub. I got time this evening to get to it and after pulling the batteries it restarted and reconnected to the hub. Unit 4471 in case that helps to see what the data looked like immediately before it froze.

My Sky dropped off line again 2 days ago. The last battery voltage reported 3.37 volts. I will try to pull and replace the batteries to see if resetting it again would help.

OK, so I pulled down my Sky which is mounted on the top of 10 foot section of 1” galvanized pipe. As soon as I opened the battery cover and closed it, the Sky came back on line.

The problem is it’s quite cumbersome to retrieve the Sky from the top of the pipe. I need to either slightly modify the battery case to include wires to a switch which could be accessed in the base mount. Or, alternatively, incorporate a hinge in the base so that lowering the pipe mast would be more convenient.

This is the second time I’ve had to reset the Sky, but if it has happened twice, it’s bound to happen again. Any suggestions?

Had the same issue… Opening the battery door, then closing… and poof the SKY returns.

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