Frequent Disconnects

My unit has been deployed since June with few disconnects. This week it’s had several each day. Any thoughts as to cause? WeatherFlow: Device offline - ST-00006551

What is your Station ID? You can quickly get a link to it by using the share icon and posting it and/or putting it in your profile here on the forum so we can take a look and help.

It looks like the RSSI is way out of range.

It needs to be better than -70db but I have a station running around -75db and doing OK.

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For testing I moved the hub outside, clear line of sight, less than 60 feet away from the station. Best signal I can get is -69. Shouldn’t that be better?

That should be fine. For the station I put at our church I found that rotating the hub so the right side (left side if facing the LED) was toward the Tempest I got the best signal strength. That one is at -72db and doing fine.

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Thanks, I’ll watch it and see how it does in the new location.