Forum went into read-only mode this morning


This morning the forum somehow in read-only mode. I disabled this in the admin settings but have no idea why it happened. @zogstrip, any clues?


We performed a maintenance but it should not have stayed in read-only mode…


It was a very short time period.



Thanks. I thought there might have been a backup in progress so I went to Admin:Backups. No backup was running but the button that normally says “Enable read-only” was saying “Disable read-only”.


That was a long read-only mode. Was it a stuck backup or did we get some enhancements?


We had a brief outage


I was hoping for that new feature that would create a message from my thoughts. Maybe next time. :wink:


There’s a 10-character minimum on posts, so you can’t post blank messages… :rofl:


I would just write LOL.