Forecast for the coming days

I have one remark on the weather forecasts for the coming days! Lots of nonsense in the forecasts of what the weather will be like tomorrow or the day after tomorrow. While the hourly forecasts for the following days are 80% accurate and correct. I would like the tempest team to pay more attention to the forecasts for the coming days and correct and control the forecasts regularly at least every 5-10 minutes what the weather will be like tomorrow or the day after tomorrow

I’m sorry, but I don’t think any weathercast in the world updates the forecasts for the day after tomorrow every 5-10-20-30 minutes.
I don’t know but my guess most of them are only updated once every 6 hours, perhaps 3 but that’s it.

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ok no problem in that. there is a bigger problem in the forecasts for the following days where I notice a lot of deviations of errors compared to other pages for the daily forecast for the following days. There he would like to lead the sight of attention

To determine errors you need to note the forecast for a particular day and then compare that to what the day’s weather actually turned out to be. Comparing to other forecasts is merely comparing one educated guess to another. There are many forecast models and each will give different predictions.

last week I had for 2x days one after the other that it will be a wintry mix of rain + snow. All other weather stations put the notice Sunny and it was really sunny. That is why I say that we should be careful with the information about the weather in the coming days. I made comparisons with 3x world weather sites that offer a daily forecast. The hourly forecast is fine and I have no complaints.

I’m still getting the wrong weather forecast notification for tomorrow. Tempest notice says Rain possible. I think this should be corrected soon. Because the hourly forecast is fine! Tomorow will be Cloudy this is correct.

i know weatherforecasting is not the same as throwing a dice, but if you throw a dice once, you have a chance of 16.67% of throwing a six. Now throw this once per hour for the whole day. The chance that you will throw a dice at least once during the day is a lot higher (98.74%). That’s why the daily chance of rain is at least the highest hourly number, but often higher.
It is more complicated than that, as the number might be coming from different simulations, and chance aren’t independent (as with a dice), but at least I hope you now understand why it is higher.