Forecast Card vs Forecast Page slightly different

I noticed the high/low temps shown on the Forecast page are usually slightly different (usually about 1 degree) than that shown on the Forecast Card. Not a big deal but that made me wonder if they use different data to generate their respective forecast or is it just that the rounding logic is different.

The answer is that they are different forecasts. The one on the Forecast Page is produced by WeatherFlow, while the one of the Forecast Card is produced by WeatherUnderground. You can turn the WeatherUnderground forecast off if you wish by going into your station settings.


@peter Thanks for the info, good to know. I will keep both to see how they compare.

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@B.S @peter is correct that at one point the Forecast Page and the Forecast Card used different data sources. However, we recently updated the Forecast Card to use the same source as the Forecast Page. The differences you are seeing between the Forecast Page and the Forecast card are due to rounding issues when doing unit conversions.


That’s good to know! Thanks for the update

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