Forecast API/Software?

Getting it to work… will publish my changes and suggestions for others this week.


Great! I’d be very interested to see how you get on :grinning:

This is rather interesting and not difficult to implicate. I’m looking at accuracy.

Just started … Will be pulling live data from my DB to see how it works on an hourly or so basis .


I like the Norwegian service YR.NO for forecasts.

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Hi Lasse. We may use anonymous, private data for development of derived products such as forecasts. But if you’re planning to build a business around the smart weather stations, exceptions can be made. Anything is possible and we are committed to building a developer ecosystem that supports all kinds of use cases!

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I like YR.NO’s free data attitude so much that I’ve actually considered applying for Norway citizenship so that my taxes would pay for this service…


Ok… got it working… It’s sitting on a publicly available server (mine)… just a PHP call with specific parameters and returns the SAGER forecast.

Anyone wanna try?

I plan on incorporating this option into my Wx Console & btstWx apps.



Any reason why you used a 12 hour offset instead of the 6 hour offset in the files?


what files ? sorry refresh me

The SAGER files use a 6 hour history instead of 12 like you do. Just wondering why you chose 12 hours.


ha ok i see now , i found the 12 hour range offered a better reflection of trend and the output was more accurate to,this specific location.

but if 6 hours is ok for you then stick with that has i said prior to,this i spent an whole year going through the seasons tweaking the output . i also included the dewpoint to reflect cold periods or warmer periods i found monitoring the dewpoint often leads to forthcoming conditions in terms of heat,coldness etc. here in summer periods we observe the dewpoint over temperature as to get an indicator of comfort , li,e last week it was 26c but dewpoint was hovering above 20c meaning uncomfortably humid at night …

as i said before many scenarios you can implement into the script to get a short term forecast … barometer like. glad you pursued it look forward to hearing all about it .

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I’d be keen to give it a spin!

Peter, et al.

You will use a link like this:

Just replace the values with whatever you have:

lat = Station Latitude (decimal degrees)
lon = Station Longitude (decimal degrees)
temp = current station temp
brg = current station wind bearing
brg6 = station wind bearing 6 hours ago
wunit = wind unit (kts, mph, m/s)
rtime = seconds since last rain
baro = current station barometric pressure
baro6 = station pressure 6 hours ago
bunit = baro pressure units (inHg, mm, etc)

See how it works for you… seems to be pretty accurate here so far.


rtime should be MINUTES since last rain, not seconds…



Hi! How are the things going for API for forecast? I’ve just seen that hourly and 10 day forecasts in new Tempest app. Is this forecast prepared with use of your own system? Would there be soon a possibility to get this data through API?

Hi there. Yes, details on the forecast side of the API will be published as soon as we finalize them - which should be withing a couple weeks.


Any updates on the forecast API documentation?

Sorry, not yet. It’s rising slowly to the top of the list though.

If someone else wants to help, I’m trying to get the forecast data from the Tempest API to Home Assistant weather entity & sensors. The latter part already easily works with the shared APIs but the former isn’t documented.

I have been able to get about 10 day daily forecast from this API endpoint:

The DEV API key seems to work, if you don’t have lat/lon for the station you can use the existing API to query it.

For Home Assistant, I’m hoping to fork this and change the weather component data source from DarkSky (which is on death watch) to using the Tempest’s forecast using API above or whatever the final one is: (fyi @briis)