Force hub air sky offline while they're being moved or serviced

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Today I needed to move my sky to a more optimal location (better wind fetch, better light). I knew that if I touched the Sky unit while it was online, it would start reporting “heavy rain” and that data would be published here, and on WU.

What’s the best-practice way to stop the air/sky/hub from collecting and publishing bad data, while the gear is being serviced ?

  • Is there a way, other than pulling out batteries and powering off the hub to prevent bad data being published?

  • Is there a way to delete bad data from the record once its been published ?


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My advice is to do what I do during monthly maintenance of my WF gear.

• Unplug the Hub from the AC power adapter so data from SKY and AIR cannot be recorded by the Hub. This will take your Weather Station offline.

• Next you take SKY off the pole and remove batteries or solar panel from SKY. Perform the maintenance or move to another location as desired.

• Power SKY back on by reinstalling batteries or solar panel and quickly mount SKY back on the pole.

• Power the Hub back on by plugging the power cord to the AC adapter. This will bring your Weather Station back online to WeatherFlow.

Enjoy not having to worry about bad data reaching the WF servers. Hopefully we get a Maintenance Mode in the WF app to help with this one day. Only way to delete bad data is to Delete All Data and I would advise not to since Rain Check should zero out the rain measured by you while moving SKY. It will only zero it out if you actually didn’t receive any rain during the day. Hopefully this helps.


Hi there

Thanks for that information.

So I did some of what you suggested. I disconnected the hub but I left the sky connected to its solar battery throughout the move.

When, I reconnected the hub after the sky was re-sited, there was a deluge ! reported by smart weather (and WU). So I assume the sky just buffered its data until the hub came back online.

That Raincheck feature worked as you described. Yesterday, WF’s site was showing rain at my station, but today that rain is gone.

Do you think we’ll ever get a “maintenance mode”. ?

P.S. thanks for the advice. It was very helpful.

You are welcome. Glad that worked for you but make sure you do the second step also I suggested above the next time you need to move or do maintenance.

That will keep SKY from recording data that potentially would have been buffered and transmitted once power is restored to the Hub.

Several of us have suggested Maintenance Mode to the WF team for a future feature. We will just have to wait and see if can possibly be added to the app. They have a lot to focus on right now.

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