Florence Experiences with SKY

I replaced the PVC SKY support with a thick wall 10’ Steel TV mast.
Initial results are that 90% of the Rain-that -is-not-rain email messages have stopped. BUT watching carefully, the blast from the CSX Train Engine’s air horns cause a single .01, instantaneous indication that gets emailed out as a Rain Occurring Message. These things are 96DBA to 110DBA acoustic blasts from ~75’ away from SKY.


We are in the midst of Florence for the past 24 hours here in Charlotte with 12 - 18 hours to go. This is a hurricane, but the readings are telling me the gusts of wind are 12 -14 mph…UH? NO. I have trees that are 12 - 24 inches in diameter that are swaying 2-3’ at the 30’-35’ level above ground… Have received 5.7" of rain today, measured with a cheapy rain gauge, Sky tells me it records 1.7" accumulation of rain.

ARRRGH! Should have timestamped this. It is not a whole weather event, it was a snapshot written on Sunday Morning around 11AM, while storm was ‘in progress’.

Hurricanes are a great Mother Nature made Test Chamber…

Ben - WB2RHM