Firmware updates to the hub?

So, Facebook seems to indicate that users are seeing a few variants of hub firmware in recent days, but there are no posts to the forums here about it or what they improve. Can someone from Weatherflow throw the community a bone?

Typically when they’re released there is an announcement.

The latest one I can find quickly is - New Hub Firmware v143

I avoid Facebook like it’s more invasive than Covid19 so I can’t speculate on what versions/features are mentioned there nor how true those mentions are.

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Those on Facebook should know to look here for information. Facebook is the worst place to get information.

The information you are looking for is in the Announcements.

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While that may be true, my answers over there are just as accurate as they are here.

@brian.casteel there is usually a firmware in some sort of beta. Sometimes when a user has an issue a different firmware will be pushed to their hub to see if it fixes a particular issue. I just received two replacement hubs which had firmware V147 on them. I don’t know where these fall with respect to what is currently shipping. Since I’m a field tester those hubs are currently on a beta build. As you may deduce, the beta version is higher than V147.

I don’t disagree with your statement or your knowledge.

For a short time I had one Hub that had a very high number.

Indeed, there are many versions between official releases. From kinda alpha versions that are deployed in a very small group, then beta releases that are released to the larger testing group. But a beta is not necessarily becoming a RC and ‘gold’ version :wink:

And as gizmoev said, some little bugs affecting a few are sometimes solved with a release in between. And as a counter … some versions never go beyond alpha … so the numbering can be jumping several versions when you see it.

Hopefully early January a new versions can get trough the large beta testing and finally get deployed to all. To be honest, last version that was pre launch was canceled since the testers found out that it had a ‘major’ flaw :slight_smile: so release canceled.
As they say, to be continued :slight_smile:


As reported there are many firmware versions. Most are to take care of a specific issue so are not relevant. I’m always wondering why people think you need the latest Rev if everything is working correctly?
If it’s not broke don’t try to fix it!

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And THAT is why you have testers. Sometimes being on the bleeding edge can be a bit messy.