Firmware numbering

I just realized that the firmware numbers of the hub and the tempest are getting pretty close together. Which might cause some confusing. Perhaps it is a good idea to add a letter to the firmware, like 169H or H169 for the hub and 153T / T153 for the tempest.


It is better than when the hub was on v143 and the Tempest was on v134.

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Disagree with @sunny’s suggestion. It’s just a value. What their versioning scheme is doesn’t matter as long as the devices report a version and WF knows what is in that version.


Haha I remember when David was poking fun at himself for getting the firmware numbers mixed up between the two devices.


it still would be just a value, but one preceded of followed by a letter. The devices still would report their firmware value like H169 and WF would still know what is in that version. I don’t see any problem with that. But more then once people mention the current firmware but for the wrong device. Adding the extra identification might make it more clear.