Firmware, battery power, and PBA

I’ve had the system for a long time, installed in Sept '21. As far as I can tell, neither my station nor hub has ever had a firmware update. My station is running 150, and my hub is running 171. my station: Tempest Mostly, it’s been a set and forget, it just runs. But lately, I’ve been having battery issues with low voltage. Looking back to past history, my voltage never ever got to 2.80, the highest it ever was 2.77 and that was about 9 months after install. Late Oct and early Nov '23, I stated having problems with the station going offline with low voltage 2.33V. Support suggest I replace the station @$150, but I turned the station off, and back on the reboot it, and it seemed to work better. It charged up to a high of 2.77 again, and one time hit 2.83V! However, I’m back down to the station shutting back down again over Christmastime again, and charging is not getting much above 2.6V during the day. Battery voltage is getting down to 2.4V at night. I’ve requested a push for a firmware update as I’m considering a PBA, but haven’t heard back from support yet, and the PBA’s are out of stock. My location is in sunny southern AZ USA, and I’ve installed it in my vineyard so it’s well above the canopy. No shadows, and gets full sunlight all day long.

What are your suggestions?

Continue to request support until you hear back from them. That’s what they’re there for.