Feels like temperature in app

Can someone tell me why in the last two days now I’m seeing the real feel instead of the dew point when the temperature is still under 80degrees. It should be showing the dew point until it reaches 80 but all the sudden it’s flip flopping back and forth and real feel is showing a lot more often? Help

I have been seeing it also. On and off.

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I thought I explained it clearly that the real feel is being displayed lately even when the temperature is below 80degrees and that should not be. So something is out of sync or acting up with the app this started on tuesday?

I want to see the dew point displayed like it’s always been when the temperatures are under 80degrees so I don’t have to go to another screen to see the dew point but now I’m getting the real feel showing more when it’s below 80degrees. Is this a hick cup or a recent bug all the sudden can someone check into this please?

Ok, I missed that. What you’re saying is that it shouldn’t be displaying like this in the app.

It should be displaying like this from the web page.

Yes exactly right from your example showing dew point when it’s below 80 like it always did up until 2days ago

Not like your first example but like the second one

The first one is the App, the second one is the web page of the same station. My point being it is an App issue not a web issue, at least between the Apps and MS Edge on Windows 10. Web on mobile devices seems to have the same issue as the App.

Read you loud and clear and I couldn’t agree more that it’s a app issue why the heck did this pop up all the sudden when it was fine for the last month and a half that I have had the tempest? It seems like no sooner is something corrected then another issue takes its place that is very irritating.

@corrineb, just making sure you saw this.

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Thanks @gizmoev. @palmhead5 and @kurzy we have identified an issue with the API and are working to get it resolved. I will let you know when we have pushed a fix.


Hello I’m going to ask this again since I didn’t get an answer last time. Why did the app start showing both of these going back and forth when the temperature is below 80degrees? It used to stay fixed at the dew point under 80 now it takes turns with both. I think it stays on reel feel at 80 or higher like it should but acts up as described below 80. Was this done on purpose or what?

the answer is, it shouldn’t. When the temp is below 27 (80F) it shouldn’t show the heat index (a.k.a feels like temp) but they are working on a fix.

I am now showing the feels like temperature too high (see picture). After acquiring Tempest I installed this in my dad’s home (SKY/AIR) and the AIR has been placed out of the direct sunlight. Not sure what else to do trying to solve this issue. I submitted a ticket but nothing yet and I will stay with my dad for 2 more days and he is not too good solving these type of issues. BTW he is in love with his weather station. The humidity seems good.

The weather station can be viewed at: https://tempestwx.com/station/26227/grid

The Feels Like temperature is correct. At a temperature of 99.3 F and a RH of 89%, the Heat Index is 170F. You can check the calculation here: https://www.wpc.ncep.noaa.gov/html/heatindex.shtml or here: https://www.calculator.net/heat-index-calculator.html?airtemperature=99.3&airtemperatureunit=fahrenheit&humidity=89&ctype=1&x=53&y=18

Hi Peter, thanks for the link. After further investigation, the AIR it is showing humidity higher than what it is, almost 30 higher than the surrounding stations, any way to adjust or reset this in the AIR? Thanks for the quick reply.

How recently was the station installed? Humidity should receive a calibration from the CL system, but this is not immediate. If the AIR module has got particularly wet, you can always bring it inside and dry it out to see if that helps.

Edit: just seen that you passed the station on once you got a Tempest. Did you delete the old station using the app, as that would also have cleared all previous calibration data?

Think you have the wrong guy my good man

Peter, the device was installed 3 days ago. The old station was deleted through the app when I installed the Tempest.