"Feels Like " Changes to "Dew Point"

Noticed a bug in that when I load the app it shows “Feels Like” when I clicked the Pressure to see the details and I returned back to the main screen I see instead of “Feels like” it was showing the “Dew Point” after a few seconds and the screen updates it goes back to “Feels like”. I have attached screenshots to show what I mean.

Screen Shots

Hey @digiital! From the screenshots it looks like you are using the Android app, but can you confirm?

That is correct. Sorry I forgot to include that info:

Android , app version v3.40(71)

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Hey @digiital,

We’ve identified the issue and a fix will be available in the next app release. Thank you for pointing that out.


By a “fix” do you mean we will be able to always see the “feels like” temp that so many of us have requested?

You will see feels like when it is different than the reported temperature.