"Feeling" Text Capitalized and Maybe Customized?

Super minor thing, but, it makes my OCD twitch… In the “Feeling” text, the “category” of feeling should be capitalized like other headings. Right now it says “Feeling hot” or “Feeling mild”. It should be “Feeling Hot” or “Feeling Mild”.

While we’re at it, we can change the temperature thresholds, and I did that already, but could we change the category temperature to be something of our choosing? Like instead of “Hot” it could be “Like the Hinges of Hell” or something equally cheeky limited X number of characters?

I am very new to this, and not a coder, so, I may be asking the impossible, so please forgive me if I am.

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Happy to have a look at the categories in the menu and it should be an easy update!

Allowing custom strings would be a lot more work. I don’t think this would be a priority in the to-do list!

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Understood! It’s all good!