Feature request - Battery chart ranges and bands on Tempestwx.com

I note that the Y axis looks to be 1.60V to 3.70V which looks to be much too wide for the normal range of the battery.

I would like the Y axis on the battery voltage chart to be capped at e.g. 2.85V (or whatever the max is), and starting at 2.20V (or whatever the lowest is). Then overlay the charge bands on there, reflecting full charge, normal, and then each power saving band. Describe those bands on the page somewhere.

For those with power boosters, show that as an independent line on the chart.

This would allow owners to see where their unit is running, and what the restrictions are at lower voltages.

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This has been asked for multiple times, even before the Tempest was released. The first generation SKY and AIR ran on AA batteries or a solar charged battery with a LiFePO4 battery so the voltages could be over 3.6V. That is the reason the axis goes to 3.7V. I’m not sure why it goes down to 1.6V but I have seen 2.1V as the lowest reported voltage.

Hah - I assumed I would be going over olde ground with this request. I would prefer the limits to be 2.30V (or lower based on data) to 2.80V (or higher based on data). I.e. if most run between 2.30V and 2.80V, then have that as the default, and only extend where needed based on max/min observations in the range. It just feels weird to suppress the granularity on the Y-axis by having an unreasonably large spread (1.6V-3.7V)

Right after the SKY and AIR were released the graph auto-scaled. When they fixed the scales many of us were not happy about it and voices our frustration with the loss of a feature. WeatherFlow has the last say and for some reason they have not agreed with us. :cry:

That’s a shame really. They should just open-source the code and let the community fix it for them (with their control on the merges of course),

On the top of every forum page, there is a link to well-documented APIs.

There’s also a third-party apps section of this forum, with several fine options that others have shared.

The only thing that the WF-T app is needed for is to initially set up the station. After that, there is nothing stopping you from deleting the app from your phone and never opening the web page version…

BTW, the existing feature request which covers yours is [App] Auto Scaling of Y Axis in All Graphics. If you think yours is similar enough, I could merge your topic with the other one.

Yes please. Auto-scaling is the core request, so let’s merge this ask for the devs. The optional extra would be to overlay the power band ranges (e.g. so you can see if the unit is in power-saving).