False wind reports; Reading High

My Sky is falsely reporting wind readings. Its currently reporting the wind as being 12 mph…the wind speed is actually 0. I looked at the history and it appears that Sky went off line last night for some reason at 11:30pm, its now back on line with false reports. Anyone know whats going on?!


can you upload same timescale showing false rain . ?

Also look at the uptime of your hub. Did it reboot someone near that period ?


Here’s the rain reading from last night and the current wind reading - 40 mph

Hub status:hub

there not same time scale one charts starts at 10pm the other 4am just reproduce and identical chart scale and timeframe for both rain and wind periods.

or if it is not a private station share the url

If it rained during that time., the wind sensors probably have droplets of rain on them which will cause false wind readings. They will dry out and be okay.

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imageas above was it raining? if so its a known issue and im not aware of any resolve

It looks like Sky has stopped reporting wind, the UV sensor is still working though. It appears that I will need to take it down and power cycle it and see if the problem persists.

I’ve opened a ticket with the helpdesk, looks like I need another new Sky.

ok sorry i dont have a magic answer , but if it was raining ??? then take it down and inspect the metallic sensors for any trace of water or residue…

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FWIW, the sensor status was reading “OK” now when I just looked…

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#1 reason I get high wind readings on no- or nearly-no-wind days is due to recent rain drops sitting on the wind sensors… once it dries out, it works fine.

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Today I have had several wind reading over 60 mph or close to it. Yes, there were thunderstorms occurring at the time but well below severe limits. This happened again during the evening with a cold front passage. Yes winds were higher but not 68mph.


Hello shaecohan

though it seems very high, it might be perfectly correct. Remember that the red line is peak and not the usual average (blue part) you mostly get from previsions.
Also the sky is pure electronics and there is no spin up and spin down time (like cup versions). It can sense really quickly any wind change. As you said you had thunderstorms and a cold front passing, I’d say it is perfectly possible to have these readings for very short bursts.

Here is example from mine when we had a little storm passing near (not even over us) As you can see peak is almost 4 time average reading.
Jut keep observing some more and if you really feel things are way of (like a peak when no wind, heavy wind during heavy rain when there is hardly any) then contact support and ask for a quick check on your data.

support via the website : http://got.wf/contact

support via mail : support@weatherflow.com


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it is pretty easy to get a value that is 4 times higher than average if you zoom out. :slight_smile:

It raises a question. What is the right thing to do. 1) this months gust value is the max value that was measured during the whole month or 2) this month was very gusty, looking at the average daily gust value. I don’t know what is more interesting weather wise, but at least #1 is mathematically kind of straight forward and #2 is a matter of arbitrary definition. But even #1 is not very clear, as a weatherflow sky unit that measures wind every 15 seconds cannot be compared with one that measures every 3 seconds (the last one will report in general higher gust values)