False Rain Reports

I am getting notices on the mobile app about rain starting. Yet, I have no instance of rain in the vicinity, the sensor is not wet, location is secure - no vibration, No small birds observed. Wind is less than 3 miles per hour. I am in Southern California, the Coastal Eddy is heavy today.

I had a false rain reading and I never ever saw the bird sitting on it, though most probably it tried to land and skipped of … but enough to make a nice impact and well have a false reading. Again over time the Sky will adapt to your situation and it needs a few real showers to settle in. Sounds a bit nuts but that’s the way it goes …

quote from Keith in this topic

Once installed at a specific location (“in-situ”), the AIR and SKY devices will go through a range of calibration routines. The routines for the sonic anemometer for example actively evaluate the sine / cosine curves and frequencies to ensure the sensors are capturing the right sonic wavelengths and nothing has been jarred during shipping. If amiss, your SKY will recalibrate and capture corrections in the onboard firmware (the sonics are so sensitive that a change in gap height or angle the size of a human hair can throw things off).
In addition, our backend systems will compare your data to both trusted observational data and forecast values for your exact location. This constitutes a “learning mode” that we’ll explain in detail once fully released. In effect, this means your Smart Weather Station is actually smart :wink: and the only the weather station in the world that learns over time and can stay in calibration.

Hi Mark. Looking at your data I see a couple very small spikes which are very likely to be a bird either landing or trying to land on your SKY. We have filters in place to remove some “bird rain” but they are not perfect yet. They will get better, though. Meanwhile, check out the topic for some tips: Small Birds Causing Rain

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You mean like a go around? :grin:


yep touch and go like they say in aeronautics

I just got my system about two weeks ago. I have it running and yesterday alone it said we received just shy of 20 inches of rain… I think it is out of calibration and don’t know what to do. This morning it has said that it is raining for the past two hours and it hasn’t rained at all… Right now, it says that it is raining heavy and that an inch of rain has fallen in the last hour and we have had 22 inches in the last 24. What can I do?

Hi there. If you’re seeing a rain signal when there is no rain, that does not indicate a calibration issue. Rather, the false rain is likely due to vibration or other movement of your SKY. How/where do you have it mounted? Could something be causing a rattle or knocking against the mount or the SKY itself? Send pics if you can and we can offer advice.

I will send some pictures when I get home. I have it mounted on a 10 1/2 foot steel pole that his attached to the corner post of my deck (6x6 or 8x8) with two u brackets. The post doesn’t move that I can see, I can’t turn it or anything. There is nothing on the deck that would vibrate. 29 and 30 May it was crazy and said that over 22 inches of rain fell in those two days.


now do a test walk around on that decking , jump up an down , make some some disturbances, brian

I jumped around for a full minute at 0722 and 0733. No rain reported.

you need to look at process of elimination, any movement in that pole has it is only supported at the bottom with a long length unsupported… wont need much of movement to trigger a false rain

tap the wooden mount the pole is attached too…

can you take it down and check for possibly a weak kneck between unit and head…

eliminate those hopefully others will chime in

(I’m biting my tongue about the safety of using a metal mast near unknown aerial utility wires, because I can’t determine if they are power or telecom.)

My preference is to keep the mast mounting points as far apart as possible, since the top one will likely act as a fulcrum under strong winds. I’d also be curious if loosening the straps and dropping the mast so that the bottom is in solid contact with the deck makes a difference with false rain trips.

FWIW, my 20-foot Home Depot fence rail mast has one end sitting on the ground and the other clamped on a deck rail pretty similar to the above setup. I won’t say that it is 100% immune to false rain reports, but most of them have been my DW scraping snow/ice off of the deck or slamming the grill cover closed. It also deals with traffic noise from an Interstate highway about 250 meters away, an occasional truck engine brake, and outgoing UPS and FedEx 757’s several times per day with no huge false rain reports…

get up there @vreihen put your tongue on em youll find out :grin: two things can happen ouch deep fried tongue or that taste like shite :grin: in all seriousness looking closely that pole looks easy to move however the photograph can be misleading but i wouldnt panic too much during the field test period i spent weeks looking for best mounting option position for this location and a short 1.5 meter thick pvc pipe filled with sand proved best . i think im three months in without any false rain vibrations from building or structure and wind vibrations.ps im 80 feet aprox above ground level…

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Now it has stopped registering light and wind data… i think i may have a faulty unit.

Guide wires are non-conductive and the picture makes the power lines seem closer than they really are. I have tried tapping the pole and it also doesnt register. Unfortunately my sky is no longer registering anything at all. Sunlight and wind have stopped and the sky is still connected to the hub and registering that updates are being sent. Not sure what is going on or what to do next.

have you taken it down and removed batteries and recycled power

I will do that tonight.

I have done that and it won’t connect back to the hub now… I put in brand new batteries. It flashes red then stops flashing.

My unit keeps telling me that it is raining and the sky is crystal clear and 92-95 degrees. This has happen numerous times, different time of dry and nothing in the area. Any ideas?