False rain alerts triggered from Jets flying by

Does anyone else have this issue? Its a daily thing for me since I live very close to a large Air Force Base. Its not really a big issue, its just annoying since I get a notification on my phone each time it happens. Thats my only complaint so far about the Tempest, but aside from that its a very good weather station.

It IS one of the downsides…
I too live near a large AF base and sometimes the F35’s set off triggers… Only cure is to let the CL work it’s magic and hopefully weed out those errors…

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On one pass at this year’s local air show, the USAF Thunderbirds managed to finally trigger a false rain event. Going back to the earliest Sky devices, no other performers or regular airport commercial/military traffic has ever triggered false rain that I have noticed. This includes the Blue Angels, Thunderbirds, RAF Red Arrows, F-22/F-35 demo teams, and regular cargo, passenger, and C-5/C-17 traffic.

A few pictures from previous years:

RAF Red Arrows


It is also worth mentioning that WF’s Florida office is located right next to Daytona International Speedway and the Daytona Airport. I keep peeking at their public rooftop test units during bike week and the Daytona 500 every year, and have not noticed any false rain from 10,000 open-header Harleys or 43 screaming NASCAR engines…

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