Fails to reconnect after power cut

Morning - my power often trips out for 10 seconds or so (country living). The last couple of times the hub has failed to come back online, requiring an additional power up and down to reconnect (from red light to green).

With the power cut, the wifi also trips and takes a minute or so to come back online - its looking like the hub is not able reconnect after the initial power cut, despite the wifi being up and running after an initial down time.

As im often out of town (at work) when the power trips this currently means i have to switch the hub on and off when i return home, leaving my data offline in the meantime.

Just wondering if its meant to auto come back online?


Hi Andy,

This sounds similar to the issue I have with my BT router resetting: 14 day router reset - hub offline issue.

It sounds like they may have a fix in the pipeline though

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I’m going to suggest putting your hub, modem, and router on an uninterruptible power supply. I have an Acurite Access hub that needed several hours to recover on its own, after power outages, therefore got the idea to put it on a UPS, and thereafter the power blips seem to have no affect on it. No issues running the Weatherflow hub this way so far.

Router reboots are another story. I have a router that reboots after it auto-updates its firmware, and the Weatherflow hub seems to then require a manual reboot (unplug power and then restore power) in order to restore its connection to the sensors.

Yep @peter sounds like the same issue - thanks for the info. @txprairie a UPS would solve it but its an expensive way, not sure i can justify it just to keep my weather data running tbh.


If you were on this side of the pond with our wimpy 110 volt mains, a small UPS capable of running a home router/modem and weather hub can be purchased for 20-30 quid. I picked one up for under $25 USD on Amazon on clearance…

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My main is 220. Just because we use a split phase doesn’t make it wimpy. There are advantages to both.


How many amp hours capacity UPS would you estimate to keep the HUB, a meteobridge and a router powered for a couple of hours?
I was thinking about a gel cell, PV panel and sine inverter but that might be overkill :slight_smile:

A portable phone power supply will power it for a day.

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Thanks, I hadn’t thought of that!

I’m going to use these with WFArchive. They will power the RPi and the Hub.

SunFounder Raspberry Pi 4000mAh 5V/2A Lithium Battery Power Pack Expansion Board-Plus Power Module for Raspberry Pi 3,2 Model B and 1 Model B+, Battery Charger Not Included

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Nice. I’ve previously used an Adafruit PowerBoost 500C which work great. If you get one, be sure to get the ‘C’ variant so it can charge and power the unit as well when plugged in. The basic 500 (not ‘C’) works as well but doesn’t charge the battery when plugged in.