Failing solar panel accessory (SPA)

Same issue here. Over the last week or so my Sky has stopped reporting multiple times. It was often late in the day/evening, It would come back online after a period of time. A couple days ago, it stopped and would not come back. I went up on the roof to check it, after reading the troubleshooting information. I tried using a slender tool to press the reset button, but the LED never came on at all and it would not connect to the hub from two feet away. I removed the solar panel in installed batteries and the unit came online immediately and has kept working. It’s been cloudy and our days are getting shorter in MN. I think the solar panel has been limping along, but finally could not keep up. Station ID 9841.

Hi @PlymouthMN1 You could have a faulty solar power accessory. We’ll open a ticket for you and arrange a replacement unit. Thanks!

Thank you. Mine was bone dry when I separated the solar panel from the sky. I did not have time, but I was going to try measuring voltage at the terminals and maybe even setting it in the sun (if we ever get any in MN :-)) and seeing if anything happens.

I received and installed a new solar panel on my Sky. It worked great until today and it’s now offline again (for 8 hours). It’s -6 F, but it was not particularly overcast today. I restarted the hub, and the Air came right back and the hub connected to the network, but the Sky will not connect. The Sky and hub are within about 30 feet of each other. If it is not too cold (or too much snow on the roof) I will install batteries in it this weekend and see if it stays online. I may need another replacement solar panel. Station ID 9841.

So when I park the convertible for the winter and put up the Christmas lights, I should take off the SPA and put in the lithium AA’s… :slight_smile:

I hope they would last through the winter, because once there’s too much snow on the roof, I am not going up there to change batteries. Maybe there should be a wired remote power adapter where we could connect either the SPA or battery pack on the ground.

If I can get onto the roof to switch to batteries I will measure the voltage of the SPA (and the one I took off in November). We’re supposed to have a moderate warming trend so I am interested in seeing if it wakes up.

I braved the snow and removed the solar panel and installed lithium AA batteries. Immediately online. I checked the voltage on the SPA and it’s zero. Just for kicks, I pulled out the original one and it shows 2.9V. Looks like I need another ticket, but it will be spring before a new one goes on. The SPA looks all self-contained, so will it charge if I leave it in the sun without being connected to the Sky?

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This is the same issue with mine. Except when I removed the solar accessory water started dripping from the accessory. I have regular batteries in the Sky now and it’s working fine. I have sent an email to support.

My Sky (station 2300) has started doing the same exact thing this week in Milton, Fl. Pretty sure its the solar accessory/batteries in it. It reconnects pretty much right after sunrise. Are the rechargeable batteries easily replaceable or should I just trash the solar accessory and go back to using batteries?

the solar panel is not meant to be repaired (change batteries) but it isn’t supposed to break to quickly neither.

Can you bring the Sky down and check the contact pins …re attach the panel and see if the sky resumes normal … if not it is time to contact @WFsupportx. They will advice what’s next

Please open a ticket at or by emailing

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As Eric wrote, you should open a ticket.

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Thanks! I’ve emailed because I can’t get into that url from my work computer!

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Does this one work?

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Yes, it does. But I’ll assume that because I’ve already emailed…using it might cause more resources to be expended than strictly necessary…?

Thanks for your help in this Gary!!! Very much appreciated.

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Yes, email will get a ticket created and you will be contacted. I can understand your company blocking forwarders. Many do.

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This is how my graph looks over the past few days/nights.

Wow. Definitely some strange voodoo going on. I suggest you put batteries in as soon as possible to further test.


Same for ours, two weeks ago. Support said they’d send me a new solar panel, but heard nothing since.

I had the same issue and Weatherflow supplied a replacement in short order. Because they didn’t want the original solar unit back, I disassembled it to see what was happening. The inside of the battery compartment was moist/wet…in fact, it’s so cold here there was ice in it. I got a new unit but, in the long term, Weatherflow needs to address this long term.

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My SKY 5080 stopped reporting and I see that the battery voltage took a dive.

The last report was 2.26V on 11/29/19 at 02:42. The SKY had a wind sensor failure and I’m waiting for its replacement but I left it in place. I did see quite a bit of water under the SPA mount when I was troubleshooting a few days ago. I’m gone right now but since the other two SPAs are going fine I’m wondering if water got in the SPA and then froze with the cold weather we have had the last several days. I guess I’ll find out when I get home.