"Extreme" rain? Sky unit exaggerating a lot

I just put the Sky unit in clear air to get accurate wind readings. They seem accurate but the unit is reporting “extreme” rain. No, it’s not raining at all.

Here is the unit: https://smartweather.weatherflow.com/share/2070

Earlier, I’d get random “it’s raining” notifications, which I had to turn off.

Any thoughts?

Vibrations of the slightest amount will trigger rain.

Hmm. Okay, so it’s on a fiberglass pole, but loosely mounted, Guess I need a sturdy mount. Fair enough.

as mentioned at several occasions by @Weather34 , try a plastic drain tube of the correct diameter, fill it up with sand … don’t make it to long (the plastic part) to prevent bending … seems to be very efficient and stable
You can use other steel pipe to get it higher but the last part via this plastic filled tube prevents vibrations coming from pole and other things to reach the sky.

Also look for eventually little nasty birds looking for a landing strip :wink:

important eric it is not. a plastic drain tube !!!

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