Extreme rain.... (it wasn't kidding)

I’m in the NW… Oregon. We had one of those ‘pineapple express’ storms go through last night.

I’ve seen ‘heavy rain’ ‘very heavy’. Last night was the first time I’d seen my tempest report ‘extreme rain’. (it wasn’t kidding). Gutter’s overflowing. Downspots sending so much water down the pipes that water was overflowing on the way down the pipe… (not clogged drain overflowing… so much water down the pipes that the joints between metal pieces had water coming out too). Crazy crazy. Good thing it only lasted 5-10 minutes.

(Somebody in weatherflow needs a ‘get the boat noah’ easter egg I think).


get the boat noah


We had it, too (also Oregon), and I saw the “extreme rain” notice as well. 2.1" yesterday.