Expose Connectivity Stats in the GUI

I’m a new user to the Tempest and I think exposing the connectivity values in the GUI / App would be beneficial for the owners specifically during connectivity issues troubleshooting.

Like the RSSI measurement, more values can be exposed;

Some examples:

For the HUB;

  • WiFi channel (connected to)
  • WiFi RSSI (already exposed but make the text more explicit)
  • WiFi SSID (connected to)
  • WiFI Rx Rate
  • WiFi Tx Rate
  • HUB IP address
  • HUB MAC Address
  • HUB Hostname
  • Rx RF RSSI (coming from the Station)

For the station;

  • Rx RF RSSI (coming from the HUB to the Station)
  • RF channel that its utilizing (between the HUB and the station)
  • SINR
  • Any other RF stats available that can be utilized for owner troubleshooting.

Also, the current RSSI stats should include the units (dBm), assuming the current represented value is in dBm.

Maybe that can be included in an “advance” menu? if the concerns are not to create more confusion.