ESP32 HomeKit Bridge

Hey everyone,

I’ve made a simple HomeKit integration bridge for the ESP32 platform. It runs as uncertified and always will since it is a hobbyist made device. I have the basics working (temperature, humidity, and light) along with some hardcoded thresholds for rain, wind, and lightning events. Eventually, the thresholds will be adjustable from a device-served webpage, but I haven’t gotten that far yet.

You can find the GitHub page here.

I would love to hear any suggestions or feedback on how I could improve, change or add to the current feature set.


Even though I do not have an ESP32 around, this project looks nice. I would like see a plug-in like this for HomeBridge. :+1:

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Thankfully, they’re fairly cheap. You can get them for around $5 on Aliexpress or around $10 from Amazon. I probably will end up either writing my own HomeBridge plugin or adding support to an existing at some point just though.