Error starting wfpiconsole - "Couldn't connect to X server"

Error starting wfpiconsole - “Couldn’t connect to X server”

wfpiconsole v23.3.1
Bullseye desktop 64-bit

This wfpiconsole was working okay with Buster.
Then I stored it away for almost 2 years.
Went to use it today, would not work.
So reloaded RP4 with Bullseye, and followed installation instructions.
Am now stuck with this error - and it will not run.

Are you using SSH? Try using VNC to make a remote connection with the Pi

It is not even working locally (keyboard and mouse).
I don’t remotely access it, so VNC is not used.

I can’t remember, but does wfpiconsole support 64bit Bullseye? Is it just on Pi3 that you require 32bit?

No, 64 bit bullseye is not supported (even on Pi4). It works sometimes, but I provide no support when it doesn’t

I would suggest starting again with a 32 bit copy of Bullseye and let me know how you get on

I’m back.
Am now running the 32-bit Bullseye and still getting “Couldn’t connect to X server”

found that problem only occurs when starting weatherflowconsole in a SSH session.
enabled autostart and rebooted - and no more problem - comes up okay now.