Enhancement Suggestion: "Do Not Disturb" option while we are sleeping

I have come across something which I would think will help everyone who may be trying to sleep or don’t want to be alerted during certain times of the evening? Under settings > Alerts, you should have a “Do Not Disturb” setting option where you may not receive push notifications “audible alerts” during certain times that you pick. (see attachment) I was asleep and my phone was going off on its raining alert at very early in the a.m. one night I thought it was a good option to share with you. Dark Sky has it and it’s great.! Do Not Disturb|281x500

isn’t there a global setting on your phone to set Do Not Disturb schedule? there is on my android.

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…as well as iOS!

No need to re-invent the wheel, IMHO…

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On a side note, it looks like the iOS version of StormWatch+ has figured out how to bypass sleep mode. It jarred me out of bed Saturday night with an EAS alert tone for a severe T-storm warning…

Yes, but on both android and IOS it shuts off “All” push apps when you put you phone into this mode. But on the contrary, some apps you want on 24/7. I really don’t care if it’s raining at 3 am but I do care if I get an emergency call. Its nice to have options vs “All or Nothing” in terms of silencing… I don’t know if anyone uses “Dark Sky” App it has it and its great feature…

I can’t speak for iOS but I can add individual apps which are allowed to ignore the do not disturb setting on Android 11 and I’m quite sure it was available on Android 10 as well.

We agree that do-not-disturb settings should be controlled by the OS since it applies to any app that sends notifications .

Yes, on Android devices you can set up global do-not-disturb schedules that apply to all apps and then you can override that with the app-level “ignore do not disturb” setting. You can do other fun things like assigning different sounds to your Tempest alerts.

You’re right that iOS does not have a similar feature, but they are always a little behind on the “extra” features so hopefully they will add it soon! Here’s some additional discussion from the Apple Developer forum and elsewhere.


Unrelated - are you still maintaining your WF UDP driver for weewx ?

I keep seeing the same confusion from new users not understanding that they need to add lines to weewx to complete their installation. Would you accept+merge a PR that makes that one go away ?

Newer versions of weewx permit install.py to insert whole stanzas of things ‘including’ comments, so it’s easy now to drop a full template stanza into place when they run wee_config --reconfig to switch to your driver.

They’d still need to edit the file to put their sensor id in and tweak to taste, but it would make this frequent confusing to newbies thing go away. I did the same thing with Belchertown and Pat thought it helped a lot there.

Let me know. If so, I can get you a PR in a day or two. If not, I’ll continue yelling at the Phillies. ok - I’ll do that regardless :slight_smile:


Facing reality, I have no energy left to make any of my planned big changes to the code at this point. Send over the PR when you have a chance, and I’ll see if I can figure out how to make GitHub accept/merge it…

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Understood. Save your energy. This stuff isn’t important in comparison.

Let folks fend for themselves.

You might want to set your repo as ‘archived’ so it is read only in github and also put a big honkin’ disclaimer like I did in a bunch of mine (example https://github.com/vinceskahan/weewx-weatherlinklive-json).

Best of luck with the health stuff…