Elevation in meta data


I noticed, several months ago, that elevation of the station and devices can, at times, show a value to the nano meter.

“stations”: [
“location_id”: 1878,
“name”: "Alpers Farm, Littleton, Colorado ",
“public_name”: "Alpers Farm, Littleton, Colorado ",
“latitude”: 39.60306,
“longitude”: -105.11847,
“timezone”: “America/Denver”,
“station_meta”: {
“share_with_wf”: true,
“share_with_wu”: false,
“elevation”: 1744.0656215548515

While even I can appreciate such accuracy, it recently became an issue when trying to calculate sea level pressure and getting my value to match the WeatherFlow calculations 100 out of 100 times.

May I dare suggest that this be limited to a stored value with no more that three decimal places? After all, I think we may all agree there is no point in using past the millimeter. Personally I feel to the centimeter is fine.


as long as the first three decimal places are the same, your result of the sea level pressure should be extremely close to that of weatherflow, You can always round the end result.

But of course publishing elevation with this kind of accuracy isn’t very useful. The only way it is useful is as this is being used as an intermediate result for further calculation, which in fact it is :wink: One shouldn’t keep rounding numbers with every intermediate step.

Even US Military GPS isn’t accurate to the millimeter. Even it could be, well, I won’t go there. LOL Lasers. Beep, Boop.

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Is the elevation in what ?

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Elevation is stored in meters.