Elevated humidity readings near a pool?

My tempest is about 10 feet away from my swimming pool. Could this possibly cause elevated humidity readings due to evaporation from the pool?

Most definitely, the pool that close will elevate the humidity.

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Okay, thank you. I was afraid that was the case. My Heat Index values have been quite a bit elevated and I noticed that the temps were accurate but the humidity was higher. I’ll move it further away from the pool.

I live in Brisbane Australia and during the last big drought we ended up removing our pool as opposed to maintaining it at exorbitant prices due to cost of water and chemicals. Anyway, what was instantly noticeable was that the house went from unlivable without air-conditioning to where we hardly ever use the air conditioner now. We also have big trees around the house that maintain good shade and now I don’t have to keep leaves and flowers out of a pool filter.

In hindsight, a pool is a huge heat sink and source of humidity and, were I to ever buy another house and have an insane moment of buying one with a pool - It would have to be a fair distance from the house.