Effective false lightning filtering

New AIR feature: air compressor leak detection! :wink:


Why think small? Roscosmos certainly can use a leak detector for their Soyuz spacecraft, especially one that also triggers when detecting the arcs from the motor of an errant electric drill at the factory… :thinking:


What kind of heating system is used in your place ?
As well, oil blowers have known emp issues and start statistically those days. :wink:

central heating. it has a pump that for its own reasons starts up for a few minutes at 6 in the evening. It’s about 25m away from the unit and doesn’t correlate with the false readings. Even if it did, what can I do, the pump does his thing as it is designed to do that.
I have no idea what an oil blower is.

He probably means that the oil burner has a piezo igniter that would false the lightning detector. It causes a spark between the electrode and the fuel jet that ignites the fuel spray.

Some (maybe most) oil furnace burners have a high voltage transformer that causes an arc between a pair of electrodes during the ignition phase. Usually they also have a CdS photocell and a timer circuit that shuts off the arc when it sees that the oil spray has ignited or after a period of time with no fire. Ignition or not, you have a small spark-gap transmitter running whenever the furnace starts. So this certainly has the potential to cause false lightning detections.


Thanks dan for your supplements.
Sometimes it’s hard to hit the bull’s eye in translation :wink:
So I was able to learn :slight_smile:

In addition, as I know, gas heating systems have a similar mechanism.

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