Effective Data QC

I had some errors during very heavy convective rain last night. The rain droplets affected the wind speed and direction data. My Tempest reported peak wind today? 269.1 mph. Looking through the documentation it is made clear that erroneous data can happen in this situation. But it does also mention some internal qc checks? Those checks failed if they exist at all.

Anyway, my suggestion is to give the owner/customer of the weather station some control over the data. I did report the issue to customer service and got a prompt response, but they also mentioned the only way to get rid of the wind data was to eliminate all the data elements. That wind gust will likely be there for the life of the data.

In short, with future versions of the software and/or hardware, I’d like to see some form of user control of data/data qc.

Agreed. I’m not exactly sure where I’d find better data to replace it with, but in many cases simply making a guess would be better. I get rain numbers when it hasn’t rained at all - the Tempest frequently reads dust storms as rain - and zero rain data when it actually HAS rained.