Easy toggle of NearCast rain

Toggle the NearCast rain display by simply clicking on the NearCast icon in the rain widget. (maybe superimpose a :no_entry_sign: on the icon when it is off). If you do not get into the preferences very often it can be difficult to find.


I purchased a new weather sensor to know how much rain I received on my property. I am not concerned with neighborhood calculations. I think there are significant errors with the “measurements” with both the haptic sensors and the NearCast calculations. Haptic sensors don’t handle heavy rain events well. Last night’s thunderstorms in my local area are a great example. I have turned NearCast off and my sensor measured 3.54 inches. There are two other Tempest devices within 1/4 mile or so, both of which have NearCast on. These sensors are two blocks from each other. One shows 3.38 and the other 1.63 for the same period. BWI airport (3 miles from house) measured 1.46 during the same period. Cell movement and intensity during the event should have resulted in similar measurements. I have images of the current conditions from each site. I do feel NearCast is much better for steadier and moderate to weak thunderstorms.