Earthquake sensed by haptic rain sensor

We had an earthquake last evening. The epicenter was over a hundred miles away but was a 6.5 earthquake. The shaking caused Rain to have a reading of fairly intense rain even though it was not raining at the time.
We’re all fine but it was a pretty good shake at our house.


well who would have expected that … happy to read you’re all ok with such a shake …


Rain Check didn’t remove the false reading because, I suspect, all of the other Weatherflow stations in the area would likely have also recorded a heavy rain event, lol!

I guess that the Weatherflow developers have also invented an earthquake detector of at least some sensitivity. I don’t know if they can equate some of the rain events to aftershocks from the main earthquake, but maybe …

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Any others in Carl’s region can have a close look on their data ??? Also some raspi shakers here to confirm and have some extra details about this shake ?

all of my sky hardware in the past two years has recorded hundreds of momentarily rain events when an earth tremor or large shake happened …i live 27km from an active fault line … anything from a magnitude 3 or greater jolts some worse than others our building simply due to being close to the fault line and epicenter…

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just looked it up on Raspberry Shake, guess this is the shake you felt

Yes, the 6.5 magnitude earthquake on Tuesday evening (local) is the one. Fortunately for all, the epicenter was in the middle of a mountain range – and likely in a declared wilderness area. There are very few people (if any) who live at the epicenter. If this had happened in a populated area the damage would have been significant.