Duplicate empty rapid_wind events


I frequently see repeated empty rapid_wind events being broadcast over UDP, for example:

As each event triggers some processing in my Ardiuno, it uses some power. Is there a reason why this might be happening?


The packets you posted are not duplicates. What exactly is the issue you are having with your code?

Perhaps you have a misunderstanding of the rapid wind packets.


Thanks for getting back to me.
Except for the time stamp, the JSON objects do look identical to me.

Where I am using this is, I have an automatic watering system that has a rain sensor input. I have an Arduino listening for rain events or sky observations indicating that it is raining. When it sees that it is raining, it opens a relay simulating a rain sensor which changes the watering program.

So when Arduino sees a UDP packet from Smart Weather, I build a ArduinoJson object, then parses out the “type” field, then check to see if it is an obs_sky or evt_precip type. If it is either of those, I then it does further processing (time delays for the relay).

The Arduino also keeps track of the last 10 Smart Weather broadcasts it has seen. When I view the last 10 events, this is where I see the duplicate (except for time) wind events. You mention that they are not duplicates. Can you expand on that?


Rapid_wind is sent every 3 seconds (battery wasting mode) or every 15 seconds (battery saver mode). Those three packets each have a timestamp about 3 seconds apart, and are 100% normal. You can reduce the number of packets to 4/minute by enabling power-saving mode on the Sky, but there is no way to stop them short of network filtering…


I understand now, it sends regardless that the state hasn’t changed. I can either have the data sent every 3 seconds or every 15 seconds, regardless that the state hasn’t changed.



You have the choice of ignoring the rapid wind or using it to turn off the sprinklers if the wind is high.


FYI, obs_air and obs_sky are also sent by interval (1 minute) regardless of change. The only thing sent “live” is rain start and lightning strikes…