Downloading historic info from a station that is offline?


I had seven Tempest Weather Stations collecting data this winter. In early April I disconnected them, and finally am getting around to downloading the data. I downloaded some of the data early on without issues, but now I am getting an error message Not Found. I’m a bit worried that I can’t collect the data from a station that is offline. Any thoughts?

Here is my process:

  1. Get Token and use it to Authorize at the Tempest API Explorer
  2. Use Get Device Id by using the “get Stations(station_id)”
  3. Enter parameters on Get observations/device/device_id
    Device_id 227257
    day_offset 150
    start_time 0000
    end_time 2359
    format csv

Here are my stations’ info:

station_name house station hub_id station_id device_id
Rancho Escondido Erika st-00060608 hb-00077733 86640 227257
Cuartel la mesa Gloria st-00058250 hb-00075311 86664 227301
manzana de San Luis Leti st-00084503 hb-00070964 86678 227334
La Salud Albertina st-00062870 hb-00069343 86773 227550
Angangueo Alison st-00058450 hb-00070780 95041 245283
Grasero ana maria st-00053257 hb-00071545 95286 Broken-never worked
Las palmas sylvia st-00085479 hb-00073187 95554 246425

Thanks in advance!

Hi Sara,

I dont know the reason and can only suggest that you check your numbers. But I call the API differently which you could try. My call for a 24 hour period to return the one minute data on a linux computer and save to a file is described here:
curl -X GET --header ‘Accept: application/json’ ' (insert token here) ’ > /var/tmp/wfdevice12506.json

You can use any operating system in a web browser by pasting the http link using the section between the ’ ’
You could find unix time by using a web page converter such as this

I dont know if it helps or will solve your problem.
Good luck from Ian :slight_smile:

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I’d suggest reaching out to WF support on this one. The fact that some of the data was downloaded early on, but no longer is… tells me that WF may have a data purge they do on devices that are offline for so long. Just a speculation, but it isn’t unreasonable for WF to delete data that is no longer being used. Though, 3 months seems awfully short.

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Ask support if data bucket aging is also a concern, as your stored data degrades in resolution as it gets older…

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It would be helpful if there was an easy to find official data retention document from WF.

  • for an active sensor, how long will its data be queryable ?
  • for an inactive sensor, how long will its old data be queryable ?
  • for an inactive sensor, will it ever get auto-deleted from being associated with a station (hub) ?
  • for a station (hub) with no sensors, how long will that be kept known and queryable ?
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There was this response from WF support posted in a different thread, but I agree official documentation would be better:


Good advice. Turns out, I have two Tempest accounts. The one on my phone was linked to all the thermometers. The one on my computer isn’t, and that was the one I was using to generate the token for authorization. Not sure why it worked early on, but who cares!