Downloading all the back data


Hi @nuno.veloso An easy way to do this without coding experience is to use the IFTTT applet to automatically log all station data to a Google Sheets spreadsheet. Then you can use and manipulate all the data in whatever way you wish. Access here:


It would be nice if IFTT made it possible for us to see the code it’ll execute to know what it’s doing and how…all I see is a cryptic ‘trust this, it will work’ kind of download link behind a login-required wall.


I have this enabled this feature, what are the column names that it is logging?
Would be nice to add the names on first write.


Most values are Imperial I dont use it


@mao Wish we could add title row, but the code does not allow. Will publish a cheat sheet with column labels. Add them once and you’re done.

@spacesnow We’re making updates to the applet that should allow for unit of measure selection soooooon.


I realize I could figure them out … but thought I would ask.
Cheat sheet works for me.


WFArchive has that ability built in.


Thanks @WFstaff for the really helpfull info! I tried it and it’s working. Still figuring out the formulas you use so I can use the data properly.


Could you figure all out? I’m trying to find rain data but can’t understand which one is. The Cheat sheep seems great to me too


We are going to publish a new IFTTT Applet that logs your 1min data to Google Sheets. New update will include units selection, all the variables from SKY, and better labeling. Stay tuned!


I have not yet, let you know if I can figure out. Good news is that a new version will be published soon with headings.


19 October. Submitted new functionality to IFTTT. Awaiting approvals before publishing new Google Sheets applet.


I would like to be able to see my full history in detail in a simple way. By ‘simple’ I mean that I can follow detailed instructions if necessary to set something up. Currently the options (discussed here) available are beyond my knowledge and I dont know where to find detailed instructions on how to set something up. I have read about the raspberry pi but I have no experience with one. I just created an account in IFTTT and tried to see what would happen writing to a google spreadsheet and I get an error (I did read how others have problems due to it writing over itself every day but just thought I would try the concept to learn how it works):

Can some one point me to links for help with detailed instructions?
I would like to know what devices are involved and how to set them up, what memberships or licences I need to join or purchase with instructions like screen dumps or diagrams and photographs such that it is a simple process to know what is involved.
Thanks in advance :slight_smile:
cheers Ian


Can you be a little more specific abou what your end result will be?

It will be simple to set up a Raspberry Pi and download all your data to a SQL database. Once saved you will be able to search and create datasets.


A couple of weeks ago when I was away a friend flew his hang glider along my coast further than anyone has done before. I would like to analyse the wind, pressure and humidity during that day. I would like to be able to compare any day in detail so that I can determine the best conditions for certain flights along my coast. A full history of my 1 minute data would do the trick. In my past 20 years ago I did program computers using SQL and created stored procedures analysing electricity markets and using Excel VBA so I can write SQL but I dont use it now or have a computer that is set up to run it. In the early 90’s I bought my first DOS PC to run my weather station and wrote macros in lotus 123 to log and forecast the weather but I prefer not to leave a computer running continuously, but a raspberry Pi I guess is ok. I have changed to using a mac as my main computer now. It would be better if I could just access the data from the internet. I joined my station to weatherunderground but I have discovered their data storage is unsatisfactory.
Where are instructions with pictures and diagrams of how to set up the raspberry pi?
Is that more specific?
cheers Ian :slight_smile:



Setting up the Raspberry is easy and I can help you through it. If you can query SQL then the rest is easy. There are dozens of tools for Apple OS that can query SQL.

With a Raspberry Pi and WFArchive you will have all the data and more. So get a RPi, power supply and 128GB SDCard and you can be up and running in 30 minutes.


OK. And in the process I will attempt to document what I didnt know so that we will have some documented instructions for those of us who currently have no clue. cheers Ian


I will document the setting up of the RPi for you. I stalling Wfarchive is done by script and very easy.


Says for how long until now ?
Did you ever had some contact to the terminal ?


There are plants of documentation to read, to view (videos) around in the web. … maybe some search engine could help shortly.