Domains the hub connects to?

Hi, I had an odd problem recently where both of my Hubs went offline due to an extended power outage (longer than my UPS could hold), and when power was restored, neither was able to connect to WF (red LED on the Hub). Both units were connecting to the wifi, and could be pinged from my network. The one that sends UDP packets to Weewx was sending the packets.

After a few days of futzing around with it, resetting the hubs (both the wifi settings only and the whole radio), and wondering what was going on, I decided to test them on a different guest network which uses a different DNS address, and they reconnected!

I’ve since changed my network’s DNS to the cloudflare and google which has brought both of the hubs back online, but those aren’t my preferred DNS servers, and I’d like to do some troubleshooting.

The DNS they were having a hard time with is the Mullvad public dns: - I had changed to this DNS server several weeks ago, but the problem with the Hubs only showed up after the power outage (perhaps when they cleared cache or got a new DHCP lease?). No other devices have issues with this DNS.

What domains is the Hub trying to connect to? I’d like to do a little testing to see where in the chain the problem is occurring.

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