Dog Barking Sensed As Rain

Anyone else have a barking dog trigger a notice that it is raining?

My Labrador Retriever gets excited when we join her in the back yard and barks. Quite often this triggers my Tempest to notify me that it is raining.

Not a once in a while occurrence.

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Where is the dog when this happens?

Dog is vertically a dozen feet away and horizontally about 15 feet away. Calculated to be 20 feet away. This is on a concrete patio, so echos might be part of it.

Picture of area.

Is she attached to a leash that may be causing some shaking or vibrations that may be within what the tempest is mounted to or on.

Nope, she is loose as we go out the back door. She starts barking at us, wanting us to through her ball. Within just a few barks, ping on my phone is Tempest telling me it is raining.

that’s what you get if you label extreme rainfall as ‘cats and dogs’. It detects the dog, therefore it must be raining :wink:


I would look for anything she does that might cause vibrations other than her bark.

Other than jumping up and down on a concrete slab? I weigh quite a bit more than the dog, and when I jump up and down on my driveway, only my fat belly vibrates.

I am guessing my dog’s bark is causing some sort of harmonics in the device itself.

That may very well be. Can you move the Tempest to another spot? Just to see if it still happens.

that’s the same message that displays on the Davis Console: “IT’S RAINING CATS 'N DOGS”… although I’ve never seen any cats or dogs falling. . .I have seen it rain though! :slight_smile:

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