Does failed UV sensor affect temp, humidity, etc?

My UV sensor has been in the failed stated for the past week or so (subject of a different thread…). I’m wondering if that has any effect on other readings? I recall reading somewhere that part of the AI for the temp used the UV, but I can’t find that verbiage again and I’m wondering if I’m misremembering.

I’ve been amused by the remarkably little variation of temperature I’ve been reporting (typically only varies from 59F to 63F and that’s on a “big swing” day), which isn’t that unusual for my area. I’m 70 yards from the Pacific Ocean, which tends to have a massive moderating effect on temperature.

However today is one of our warmer days, and every station around me is reporting between 10F and 15F higher than mine. Even the Half Moon Bay Airport is reporting 10F higher than mine, which is a fairly “official” reading, and while not quite as close to the water as I am, is still pretty close. Our area is notorious for microclimates … the weather can change quite a bit over just a few miles, so it’s hard to compare, but still … just the “feel test” seems off - today feels quite a bit warmer than previous days, but it’s been reporting close to 63F pretty consistently.

My humidity has also been reading fairly high. Of course that’s also not typically surprising for my location, though it’s now reporting significantly higher than most official stations.

Probably worth noting I keep getting multiple sensor failures every couple days, which necessitates a rebooting of the Tempest to fix (which is getting awfully annoying, considering I have to climb up on the roof to do so … ). These failures also make it somewhat harder to believe/trust the readings I’m getting …

Any thoughts?

Installation info: my house is about 10’ above sea level, the height of my roof is about 24’ and the Tempest is on a pole up about 6’ above that, so roughly 30’ above ground and 40’ above sea level. And if you want to see the view and the weather readings, you can check out my webcam page:

It is not just UV but solar radiation and wind data ‘can be’ used to compensate the heating of the housing in direct sunlight. >So yes maybe the missing light data could be the culprit. Not much you can do. Have you opened a support ticket ?

When you say “not just UV but solar radiation …” - I thought those were the same sensor. Certainly I stopped getting solar radiation at the same time the UV reported failure …

Yes, I ended up filing a ticket. I had sent a message to support earlier, but it was a reply to an earlier, different problem and I wasn’t sure if that would confuse things too much. So after about 6 days of no response, I decided to file a ticket just to make sure it was clear what my recent problem was.