Does CL modify haptic sensitivity?


New owner of a tempest station, only been up since yesterday. I appreciate that the CL will hopefully deal with sensor calibration for things such as the pressure (currently about 4.5 mb high) and UV, but does this also modify the haptic rain sensors sensitivity? It’s been raining on and off today and it hasn’t detected any of these events.

The station is mounted on a sturdy well attached pole, so I can’t imagine that there is too much background vibration noise, especially given the low wind currently.

Another question relates to the CL, I presume this uses trusted sources as apposed to other weatherflow stations? As given the sudden appearance of new tempest stations in the UK this could mess with the learning algorithms. I can see most new tempest stations nearby are also reporting air pressure that is a few mb higher than expected.



The rain events were rain rain or more like drizzle ??

Calibration is affecting many parts and can, but not always, also affect the haptic sensor.
First calibration measures should start lin a week or so for most of you in the UK, and from there it will run every so often.

I don’t think there is CL for rain, unless you have raincheck in your area, or upload more accurate data yourself to weatherflow. (see

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Thanks for the quick reply.

I’d say earlier it was drizzle, but right now it’s light rain, and certainly heavy enough that I’d imagine it should be detected.