DIY USB charger ready!


thank you for sharing this great project. I would appreciate if someone can confirm the wiring.
EDIT: Removed picture, because it showed wrong wiring to avoid

I guess you mixed up things

Maybe? :roll_eyes:
Black is GND, Red is 5V?

usually, yes, that is the convention. Where did you get your way of connecting from?

You are correct. I just mixed things up.
After some doublecheck and comparing your picture with my components it’s now clear.

I removed the previous picture to avoid possible failures.
Thank you.

Did you replace your batteries with the ones above? And if so did you notice a difference in holding a charge with the new batteries?

Did you ever replace your batteries with 2500mAh batteries? And if so do you have any pictures of how you made room?

you mean this? Bigger Battery Booster

Yes, that is exactly what I was looking for. Thank you!!!

On the tempest with the four pogo pins, which pin is positive, and which pin is negative?

I guess, from the picture of the charger with the red wire, the pin nearest the arrow on the tempest sticker is positive (red) and the pin on the other end is negative (black).

the red wire in my picture above is the positive

Thanks! :slight_smile: Yes, but i meant on the Tempest itself. But I could deduce it from the picture of your soldered pogo-pins. The red wire (+) goes to the pin on the Tempest nearest the mounting arrow on the sticker.


Is it possible to do a permanent wired charging installation?
Maybe I need to open it up, drill a hole and then solder a wire?
Someone said it isn’t good to supply power when the solar panels are charging?
So maybe schedule charging to night-time only?

Second question:
Does it need “direct” sunlight to charge?
My problem is that the sun doesn’t go above the “trees” for like 3-4 months per year where I live :stuck_out_tongue: My Tempest has been offline since October. Useless.

the powerbooster was expected before this winter but didn’t happen…yet, but that will allow you to charge the tempest in various ways. One of them would be like providing always power.

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This is beyond my capabilities. Anyone will take make, and sell a charger? This idea is genius, especially if you just need a quick boost. I’ll pay for the part, shipping, etc… I’d love to have one

@user522 and @PaulStofer, the official power booster is coming really soon. I would not recommend voiding the warranty by hardwiring anything to the Tempest. If you can’t or aren’t going to make the DIY charger mentioned in this thread, just wait a little longer for the official one to be released.

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I have no warranty on my field test unit that is having power failure… :wink: already opened it up and replaced the battery to no avail. It holds steady at 2.55 but doesn’t go any higher. Looks like it may be the charging board. So being able to boost it up the the 2.8 maybe it will hold steady if I can “rejuvenate” it.

Depending on how early of a prototype you have, 2.55V is likely all the charge controller will do. If you have the patience and a DC power source of less than 5V you could try charging it by hand. Just note the proper polarity of the outer contacts.

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Thanks for the info! Yeah it was dipping down to 2.34 that’s when I replaced it. Was having the same issue. Charging by hand may work but I’d want to be very careful with that. I have one of the first Tempest field test units, so I’m sure it’s life expectancy wasn’t long anyway