DIY Fully Remote Tempest System with Cellular and Solar Power

I decided not to wait for the fully remote system and purchased the Tempest and made my own remote system. I use a solar panel to charge the battery, a USB hub connects to the battery, and then my Tempest hub connects to USB hub. I also have Wyze Cam 3 units and an LTE hot spot connected to the USB hub. I have been running for about a month now with no issues.


Super! Is the camera feed available online? looks like an amazing place.

The feeds are not online, sorry. It is a great location though. I have found the Tempest to give very accurate readings and almost identical to my Logia weather station.

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Nice photos of Mars there. Awaiting the rover to deploy its wheels and start moving around :slight_smile:

Where is this located ? Curious how you stop it all from being destroyed or stolen.

Other question is the cameras. Quick research says they need a hub too (???). Do you worry them phoning home to China like every other camera manufacturer seems to do ?

A detailed writeup of all the parts+pieces would be pretty cool to see, if you have time to do so.

LOL, I am certainly a tech junkie at heart.

The is located in Westcliffe Colorado, USA. My biggest concern is cattle destroying everything. That is why I have the rocks and cinder blocks around everything. They like to rub up against things to scratch. So far they have stayed away and not done any damage. Not many people around, and neighbors keep an eye out as well.

The Wyze cameras do not need a hub, only an internet connection. I provide the internet using a wireless hot spot. I’m not worried about the feeds going anywhere. If they did, they would only be seeing those great views. Not too much at risk in my opinion.

List of hardware:

  • Rich Solar 170W panel

  • Rich Solar 20 AMP MPPT charge controller

  • EverStart deep cycle lead acid 12V battery, group size 27DC

  • Qty 3, Wyze V3 cameras

  • Tempest Weather station

  • 12V USB hub

  • Alcatel Linkzone 2 hot spot from T-Mobile

  • All inside a Plano Sportsman’s Tote container


That’s a great setup you have there! Well done!

This is awesome! I’m a farmer in Eastern Washington and I’ve been patiently waiting for the official remote system to be released so I can get weather data from some remote fields I have. I may have to take matters into my own hands like you have done.

Great service to your fellow man :+1: