Distance from tempest to Hub?

Does anyone know how far the main weather beacon can be from hub, and can it connect thru window or walls?

It really depends on the materials comprising the wall(s) between the hub and the Tempest. In my case, the tempest is approximately 100 feet away with a single stucco wall between.

I tested the maximum distances that I could reach between a Tempest and a hub line of site. My method is to mount the Tempest on a high pole on top of a hill. Then I use the hub on a wifi hotspot and move away until I loose reception. Then I return until I get reception in the -90 to -99 rssi range. I then measure that distance on google maps. I achieved around 460m. When I went over 500m I lost reception. I moved the angle of the hub to get best result which is flat on facing the Tempest. I did not rotate the Tempest. Rotating the Tempest might change the results.
Yes it works through walls better than wifi does because it is a longer wavelength, lower frequency than wifi. If you have to choose moving your hub to different sides of a wall then I suspect that the wifi connection is likely to suffer more than the Tempest to hub connection. Changing the wifi router antenna angle also helps.
For longer distances a parabolic reflector behind the hub or Tempest will also increase the distance. An example here:

This has been discussed on a few other topics, so I may find an appropriate topic to move this to…My guess is to where window coatings are discussed which can destroy the signal…
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