Distance From House When Mounting Tempest?

Is there a suggested distance away from any structure to assure the best wind metering?

I see a recommended height of 6-8 feet from the ground and at least 6 inches away from any solid object in the reference material. However, my area gets some pretty strong winds (average 19 mph, gusts easily to 30 mph) and our two-story home would cause allot of air turbulence downstream even at 20 feet. It is all about averaging, I know, but any suggestions would help before I dig the hole for a dedicated mounting pole.

Dr. Z.

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also the idea is to have data from what is happing in your garden, turbulence is part of it. For most of us the setup is not ideal and mostly far away from what is described as good practice for weather stations. Maybe just try to find out what is the dominant wind and have a spot with a clear view from that angle ??

If windspeed is important to you then you need to mount it higher than any object nearby, which means at least above you roof.
Here is a comparison of wind readings at different heights.

Cheers Ian :slight_smile:

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