Display Tempest data on Google devices instead of Google's weather data

I’d like it if there was a way to display my weather station’s hyper-local data on all my Google devices instead of the generic weather data that Google displays based on my zip code. Example - on my Google nest hub and on my TV through my Google Chromecast

Even better, it would be nice if Google assistant gave me weather data from my Tempest when I ask “What’s the weather?”. I do realize I can ask Google to talk to weatherflow but it seems clunky and also strange that it will give the temperature but not the weather predictions for the day.

I, too, have been asking for this integration for a few months now. Hopefully this is something that can be updated. Quite often my Nest Hub’s temperature display is 3-8 degrees off. It would be nice if there was a way to add our PWS as the default weather across all linked Googles devices.

And you’re right, the “talk to Weatherflow” action is clunky - at best.