Display for Camping

Is there one post or instructions for a Tempest display that can be used in a camper without internet? I see all kinds of posts with all kinds of links etc… Looking for instructions that have easy to follow steps.

Equipment needed with specific model number - What tablet?
Rasbery PI? What is needed other than the circuit board? Case? Screen?
What software?
How to set up and configure?

All I can find are posts linking other posts with sidetracked conversations, outdated, or old posts that are an endless read.

I can get the basic display on the cell phone but would also like some historical data like the rain accumulation for yesterday, etc…

At the bottom of the app is a link that is labeled History, click on that and you can review the prior history.

I am looking for something that will keep the data local and not require an internet connection. Thanks anyway.

The hub is wifi only, so I’m not aware of any way to get there without some kind of local LAN speaking 2.4GHz wifi

Assuming you have any kind of local access point and the hub is set up to talk to that LAN, and if (unknown) the tempest can function with zero internet connectivity, Peter’s wfpiconsole can do what you want with one piece of gear, albeit a bit expensively. His beta can read the UDP from the hub off your LAN and do a beautiful display locally. Cost is in the $200 range for a wfpiconsole setup that you’d need to set up via Internet once initially. It should work thereafter standalone probably.

Or, you can run weewx on any pi you want and use any local display you want from a connected display to any kind of networked display such as a fire tablet. That get you there for maybe $100 US plus the cost of your time to set it up.

But you would need a local access point for the hub and pi to connect to in your camper in both cases. The hub has to be connected to some LAN to broadcast its UDP to.

You can set the Pi to be an access point and it will work with one device. I did this with Gary’s console I haven’t seen anything from him since soon after the Tempest was released. I bought a USB Wi-Fi dongle and connected to my home Wi-Fi with one card and the access point was on the other card. It worked fine that way.

@ vinceskahan & @ gizmoev
The trailer has a wifi router already. It connects to the home network while sitting in the driveway.

  • Where can I find info on “Peter’s wfpiconsole
  • Any parts list and instructions? “you can run weewx on any pi you want and use any local display you want from a connected display to any kind of networked display such as a fire tablet
  • Any parts list and instructions? You can set the Pi to be an access point and it will work with one device. I did this with Gary’s console.

My rather vague memory on this was that the Hub needed to sync with an undisclosed NTP time server before it will start accepting data from a Tempest, and also may not emit UDP packets unless the time is in sync and it can talk to the WF mothership. Maybe I’m going crazy in my old age?

One deployment model that was included in the original WF systems was remote operation without a network connection, but it was only through the app via Bluetooth and IIRC didn’t save/archive data to the WF cloud…

Suggest you work at least ‘a little’ to answer that one. C’mon man.

There are so many threads and discussions here that it has its own forums tag here.

Tens of thousands of threads in its google group. Dozens of mentions here. Thousands of pages of documentation and wiki on the weewx google group and the weewx site.

Google. Try it. I hear it can help you find things.

FWIW - I did one query and the instructions are the first result. Sheesh.

HaHa - I hear you about googling, etc… Yes there are thousands of discussions and threads and that is the issue. As mentioned in the opening post.There is so much info that has evolved over the years and threads that have run for 5 years. I do not have the patience or attention span to spend a month reading it all.

An answer like this is what I’m hoping for.
Buy this Pi and this box to mount it in.
These are the wires you need
Download this software from this site.
This tablet is good for a screen.

I don’t want to waste a lot of time & money using trial & error to re-invent the wheel. So I am asking the experts.

Hmmm…lemme give it a try…

Dave -

  • You seem to want a shrinkwrapped solution with a display for a mobile installation

  • WeatherFlow gear is not a good match for that use case and desire to have a turnkey solution

  • you should simply purchase a different station from any of the fine vendors out there who better match your no-network-required mobile use case

If it’s me, I’d just spend the money and buy a Davis Vantage Vue system from the nice people at Scientific Sales or Scaled Instruments as known good sellers. A used Vue and old-school console would be more than good enough as well.

If you want to spend less money, Ecowitt seems to be the new kid in town that people like. I’ve lost track of which Ecowitt setups would work standalone without wifi or Internet needs, but you might ask over here (What Weather Station Should I Buy?) to get answers.