Disappointed in forum policy

I’m feeling really disappointed. Some people with a bit more power on this forum really can’t appreciate a bit of humor. First they flagged my posting as inappropriate (which hides it automatically), and now they have unlisted the posting so it is only accessible through a direct link ( At which height should I put my Sky? ).

Now if it is really that bad, please leave it as is, but I’m hoping that this is more of a users platform, that thrives on user’s input, and isn’t policed by people with a bit more power on this forum but apparently without humor. This isn’t about flooding this forum with dad jokes. It was clearly humorous in relation to the Sky unit.

I have to assume that this posting might get deleted as well. I which case I will simply leave this forum. I know someone on this forum with a bit more power doesn’t care, so it doesn’t matter too much. If there are people who do care, please undo the action on my postings and have a word with the person who unlisted it.



Can’t imagine what was inappropriate from the original post - that was a pretty neat video that was liked by a WF staff member. If it was truly inappropriate, why would @dsj like it? Maybe it was the Trump comment? But that should have flagged the comment, not the OP. Dunno.

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Hi sunny. There was absolutely nothing wrong with your original post. And I thought your sarcasm comment was humorous, regardless of politics. But clearly someone took offense and flagged it. After a couple other people agreed with the flag, the full post was “unlisted” by a moderator. After some consideration with staff, here’s what we’ve decide to do:

  1. Add a “no politics or religion” section to our Community Guidelines
  2. remove your “political” comment since it now violates a strict reading of our guidelines
  3. restore your original post and the rest of the thread

I’m sorry you’re disappointed. You are a huge part of this forum and a very positive part. I hope we can continue to benefit from your input (and humor!).


Humor is great but in this time there is absolutely no need of political posts regardless of what your personal politics are. There is nothing humorous about politics today; It’s all sad, sad news.


Well I disagree there, Gary, If it weren’t for political humor I might not survive. In the words of Jimmy Buffet, “If we couldn’t laugh we would all go insane…”

I think the sprinkling of humor found throughout this forum is a great thing, and I hope it continues. That said, I do agree we should keep politics out of it.


that’s acceptable. But still a tad disappointed because the statement was more about humor as it was about politics. I think it is great if any president sometimes uses sarcasm, the president in my remark just isn’t very good at it, (and that isn’t a political statement). That was mentioned in relation to the fact that some people failed the see the humor in the OP. But I agree that politics and religion have no place in this forum. The same is true for discussions about planes, tulips, the color of your wall, and the price of a good steak.


@dsj shame more folk dont share the open mind you often portray but

what was that song david …

Ooh, ah
Mother should I build the wall?
Mother should I run for President?
Mother should I trust the government?
Mother will they put me in the firing mine?
Ooh ah,

im sure that will get categorized by some but is it not ironic it was written many many years ago…but its deemed politically incorrect…sad times we live in…

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FWIW please no politics here. Lets keep it to WF gear etc.
Just my two cents.


i think we can all agree on that.

With that said, I’ll close the topic. If someone still wants to talk about something regarding this, please contact someone from Weatherflow or me via PM. We’re always there to listen.
And thanks to all for your understanding. :+1: