Different Rainfall on App vs. Web Site

When I run the Tempest app on my iPhone and I look at this mornings rainfall readings (note: these are all false readings due to strong wind) it shows very small number of like 0.03in/hr. However, if I open up my web browser and look at the exact same data it shows totally different numbers (see screenshots).

What in the world is going on?!?

it is showing the same data. Look at the line, not the bars. The bars are just an indicator of how hard it rained (divided into 5 intervals). A better way to look at how hard it rains is to select the graph of the rain rate, which shows you the rate in number.

As @sunny pointed out, the bars are intensity bands. If you tap on an entry you get something like this:

Note the circled info at the top. That is the detail for the selected data point. See that the intensity is moderate? Now look at the same point with the Rain Rate graph.

This is the same data point and it now gives an actual rate which now corresponds to the scale on the left. In both cases the accumulated amount matches the scale. Note the key at the bottom of the graph and the lower right hand corner where you can select to jump to the different graphs available.

BTW, I would have used data from your station but you don’t have a link to your station in your profile.

Hmm… I’m so confused. I see that that total accumulation is the same in both graphs, but why is the rate different? If I set the zoom on both the iPhone app and the web browser to be the same (as close as I can get it), I would expect the blue rate bars to be equal (or roughly equal). However, in my case there’s a 500% difference in what the App says vs. what the web browser says.



you should look at a different graph. If you are behind a pc, click in the top left corner of the graph where it reads “rain”. it is a pull down menu. Select “rain rate” instead.

the bars in the “rain” graph you are looking, at only shows one of five options like “light”, “heavy”, “extreme” etc. So the vertical scale doesn’t have much meaning. These five options are just arbitrarily scaled vertically to almost fill the screen at the most extreme rain rate.

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