Difference in Map Displays

I see on the map that many/most Tempest stations report AIR DENSITY at the top of the stats. But I see one station reports TEMPERATURE at the top of the stats. Frankly, I find “air density” a statistic that I’m not that interested in seeing right at the top and that “temperature” is what I’m more interested in seeing. Is there a difference in the type of Tempest Station or some other factor at play? Is there a way to alter the display on the MAP? I have found that I can rearrange that various values in the App by pressing/holding and then moving them up/down.

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I think that they’re organized alphabetically (a bit loosely). Perhaps they could move it up, but in my case I just ignore the top one as I see the ones I need instantly. I don’t believe there is currently a way to rearrange them. That might be a good idea.


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They are both sorted alphabetically. The reason they are different is because the one in Tangletown is missing fields, humidity, station pressure, wet bulb temp, delta T and air density. If you click on the little square box with the arrow on it next to the station name in the orange box, it’ll pop out to a different screen showing all of the values in a new window. Those readings are all marked as “—” …this device has a sensor failure.