Did the REST API change on May 19?

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I’ve been running the weatherflow collector to push data into a local influxdb for years, now, but it seems like the REST API was changed a day ago (May 19), as things are no longer parsing into the database. No changes, updates, or anything were made on my side, and local UDP broadcasts are still parsing as expected. I can’t find any posted changes on the API, to track down what might have changed. Anyone else seeing similar or know of a recent change?


They’ve changed a bunch of things in the past few days for the worse.


Have they published any info about the changes, versions, etc.?

Yea not sure what weather flow is doing. rainfall initial notifications and lightning data everything is not on point like it was 4-5 years ago. Definitely weather flow has downgraded itself including the old display on their app. When mine goes i’m going back to the old weather stations. Idea is nice but just not accurate. More of a technology toy.

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I just came here to post on this - it looks like others have been snagged. I just spent 6 hours debugging my WeatherFlow Collector application and Grafana dashboards. Specifically, I see they changed the:


JSON structure.

I was using something like this:

jq -r '.stations[] | select(.station_id == '"${station_id}"') | to_entries | .[0,1,2,3,4,5,6] | .key + "=" + "\"" + ( .value|tostring ) + "\""'

And needed to update it to:

jq -r '.stations[] | select(.station_id == '"${station_id}"') | to_entries | .[4,5,6,7,8,9,12] | .key + "=" + "\"" + ( .value|tostring ) + "\""'

It would have been nice if something was published online in the docs that a change was made!!